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Olives & Applesauce Carriers

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Olives & Applesauce has reached Singapore!!!

Oceano kidz is privileged to be the official retailer for Olives & Applesauce in Singapore. Some of us may not be familiar with this name, however, they have been in the soft-structured carrier business since 2008! All their carriers are designed and sewn in North America~~

So what's so good about these carriers?

Let's take a look at its specifications:

1) It has 5 Carrying Positions: Newborn Font Carry, Infant Front Carry, Newborn Hip Carry, Infant Hip Carry, Back Carry.

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2) There are 2 Shoulder Strap Positions: Backpack or Crossed.  This provides additional support for your back! The back buckles are removable, hence you can remove the buckle is you are doing Crossed back. Both are secured, it's all about your preference!

3) It has a hood that can be folded into the carrier when its not being used. The hood also cinches allowing you to make it fit on your baby perfectly.

4) It has a built-In infant insert. This means that you can start babywearing your precious from the day he/she is born! As you can see from the picture below, there are various Velcro adjustments which you may use, depending on the height of your baby. Without additional insert attached, you and baby will feel more comfortable under the weather in Singapore!

(**images from

5) It comes with dual adjusting straps on the shoulders and the waist. With this dual adjustment, you may pre-tighten 1 side and adjust the other when you babywear. You no longer need to pull the straps to its end (like other carriers) to keep your baby close to you and it might not even fit your body shape perfectly. It has been reviewed that the padded straps help to reduce the pressure on the body! Olives & Applesauce carrier is a very good fit for petite mums especially! 

6) It has a deep seat to keep even your toddler properly positioned. The deep paddings at the leg openings also provide comfortable support to your little one. 

7) Olives & Applesauce carriers come with taller panel height ( 19"), which is taller than the Toddler Tula (18”) and the Toddler Lenny Lamb (18.9”). This This baby carrier is unique in that the base is wide enough to support baby’s bum and legs from knee to knee and allow toddlers/children to be worn longer than with other baby carriers. When toddlers get bigger most standard carriers are too small for them and you might need a new carrier. Not with Olives & Applesauce! The seat is wide enough to support a toddler's bum and legs and the back panel is tall enough to give a toddler adequate back support.


(*image from

8) It is a one size fits newborn through preschool years carrier! Its infant harness allows you to start babywearing your newborn. It has also been tested that it can carry up to 22kg.

Don't you think Olives & Applesauce has many options that are customizable for you? So what are you waiting for?

To make the deal sweeter, Oceano Kidz will be giving out free drool pads (worth $29.90 per pair) for every Olives & Applesauce carrier purchased! Valid 04/03/16 - 10/03/16. While stocks last!! 

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