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New Product Launch - Kokadi

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We are OPEN!!!

Oceano Kidz is proud to present baby carriers from KOKADI!!

kokadi is a German-based company which specializes in baby carriers. kokadi combines fashion with an eco-conscious lifestyle! Only the finest raw materials (Turkish organic cotton) are used to manufacture their products. A beautiful accessory available to you that will also give you lots of pleasure. This creates unique wraps that are stylish, colorful and absolute trendsetters . There is something for every taste. Kokadi makes fashion with a heart – for you and your baby.

Their values and philosophy are in line with that of Oceano Kidz. We strive to bring in the best products ( both fashionable and practical) to you and your baby!

What's so good about kokadi Flip Baby?

1) You can babywear your newborn with kokadi Flip Baby ( newborn - 18 months, up to 15kg)

2) It has adjustable body panel to provide optimal support for your baby. ( Height up to 34cm, width up to 42cm)


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3) All fabrics are 100% cotton. This light and breathable material makes it more comfortable for both you and your baby under the hot weather in Singapore.  

4) The backrest and headrest are made of high quality kokadi sling fabric.

5) The shoulder straps are padded with soft, thick foam. This allows weight to be equally distributed to prevent aches.

6) The hip belt is relatively thin, but filled with very firm foam padding. With such support, you will not feel backache after long hours of babywearing.

7) The baby carrier fits women's dress sizes from 34 to 48 (2 to 16 US)

8) The headrest can be used as protection from rain, snow or sunshine or it can even be used curled up as a pillow.

Guess what? This is NOT all that we are offering!!

We are launching kokadi Aqua Carriers as well!! With the new innovative kokadi water products, your baby and you can enjoy the water and have a lot of fun together.

Benefits for you and and your baby: 

- Safety holding
- You have your hands free to hold on the hand rail
- No gilding or slipping out of the hands
- Perfectly support of the neck and the perfect position of the hip of your baby
- Usable for newborns (please look for the water temperature also for additives in the water! This product is not a help for swimming!!!)
- Easy to handle
- Fast drying


Check out in-store what's available! Limited edition prints are available now! Place your order now and enjoy free courier service from Oceano Kidz!


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