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Dentistar Tooth-friendly Pacifier Size 2 (6-14 months)

The mouth shield of size 2 fits the baby’s delicate facial features.The large ventilation holes are particularly suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.

The dental-step is more prominent in size 2, in order to give the front teeth space. As the mouthpiece is adjusted to the shape of the palate and angled upwards, the tongue retains its natural clearance to the front and tongue dysfunctions (e.g. lisp) can be avoided.The size 2 can be given to the child as soon as the first front teeth are through. The flattened tip of the mouthpiece leaves the tongue plenty of space. The natural development of the milk teeth is optimally supported.

Once the first molars (back teeth) have grown, you should switch to size 3.

Size 2 pacifier is available in night version. The pacifier knobs are decorated with bedtime designs and glow in the dark. That means you can find the pacifier, even when it’s dark in your baby’s room.

Product Details:

The tooth-friendly pacifier that reduces the risk of developing an open bite.

The worldwide first pacifier which was awarded with the predicate ‘tooth-friendly’.

-     More room for the tongue helps to avoid tongue deformation

-     Integrated dental-step reduces the risk of dental misalignment

-     Extra flat shaft reduces the pressure on jaw and teeth


All materials used are 100% BPA free and the pacifier’s mouthpiece is made of long-lasting, taste and odourless silicone.

Analyzed in a scientific, long-term study by Professor Zimmer and his team of the University Witten/Herdecke on the effects of using pacifiers on developing an frontal open bite. Recommended for children up to the age of 27 months.

In contrast to conventional pacifiers the Dentistar pacifier considers the natural position of the teeth and tongue, and can reduce the risk of dental misalignment.

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Dentistar is available in four sizes, so that it can provide the perfect support for the development of milk teeth and help prevent misaligned teeth. Learn how to choose the right size.