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Dentistar Tooth-friendly Pacifier (0-6 months) size 1 with protective cap - I love Papa *Special Edition*

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The Dentistar orthodontic pacifier reduces risk of dental misalignment and is the first pacifier in the world that has been awarded with the predicate 'toothfriendly’. The mouth shield fits the baby’s delicate facial features.The large ventilation holes are particularly suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Also the dental-step is relatively small in size 1. As the mouthpiece is adjusted to the shape of the palate and angled upwards, the tongue retains its natural clearance to the front and tongue dysfunctions (e.g. lisp) can be avoided.

  • Dentistar Silicone Pacifier in Size 1 (0-6 months)
  • Includes protective cap for extra hygienic storage
  • Made in Germany
  • Extra flat shaft reduces the pressure on jaw and teeth
  • Integrated dental-step reduces the risk of dental misalignments
  • More room for the tongue helps to avoid tongue deformation
  • Supports the milk teeth’s natural development
  • Developed in cooperation with dentists and orthodontists
  • BPA-free


Product Details:

The tooth-friendly pacifier that reduces the risk of developing an open bite.

The worldwide first pacifier which was awarded with the predicate ‘tooth-friendly’.

-     More room for the tongue helps to avoid tongue deformation

-     Integrated dental-step reduces the risk of dental misalignment

-     Extra flat shaft reduces the pressure on jaw and teeth

Sucking is a natural reflex which - when satisfied - provides a feeling of safety and comfort. But even if a pacifier helps to calm and comfort, it can also cause dental problems: That is why we invented the Dentistar, the worldwide first pacifier that supports a healthy development of your baby’s teeth and jaw: This is even scientifically proven. Our Dentistar pacifier gives parents the confidence that they are doing the right thing: satisfying the natural sucking reflex without causing problematic, long-term dental misalignments. Because healthy teeth and a healthy jaw guarantee a beautiful smile.

All materials used are 100 % BPA free and the pacifier’s mouthpiece is made of long-lasting, taste and odourless silicone.

Analyzed in a scientific, long-term study by Professor Zimmer and his team of the University Witten/Herdecke on the effects of using pacifiers on developing an frontal open bite. Recommended for children up to the age of 27 months.

In contrast to conventional pacifiers the Denistar pacifier considers the natural position of the teeth and can reduce the risk of dental misalignments. 


The right size for every age

Dentistar is available in four sizes, so that it can provide the perfect support for the development of milk teeth and help prevent malpositioned teeth.

The sizes depend on the anatomy and the age of your child. We have adapted each size optimally to the age and the growth of teeth.

Size 0: For the first months - especially for newborns (0-2 months)

The extra small mouth shield is particularly adapted to the delicate face shape of the newborn. The dental-step is gentle at size 0.

The flattened tip of the mouthpiece leaves the tongue plenty of space.

Size 1: From birth to the onset of the first incisors (0-6 months)

The dental-step is only slightly pronounced in size 1. The size 1 can be given to the child from birth. The flattened tip of the mouthpiece leaves the tongue plenty of space.

The pacifier has a small, delicate mouth shield, which leaves baby's skin more air. So the shape of the pacifier is optimally adapted to the face shape of the child. 

Once the first incisors (front teeth) have grown, you should switch to size 2.

Size 2: From the breakthrough of the first incisors to the onset of the first molars (6-14 months)

Size 2 can be given to the child as soon as the first incisors (front teeth) are there.

In size 2, only the mouthpiece is different from size 1 because the dental-step is now more pronounced to give room to the incisors (front teeth). The flattened tip of the mouthpiece leaves the tongue plenty of space. The natural development of the milk teeth is optimally supported.

The pacifier also has a small, delicate mouth shield, which leaves babies soft skin more air, the Dentistar is not only friendly to the teeth, but also very friendly to the skin.

Size 3: From the breakthrough of the first molars (14+ months)

The dental level is pronounced at size 3 and thus reduces the pressure on the jaw and teeth by up to 90%. The flattened tip of the mouthpiece leaves the tongue plenty of space here as well. 

The bigger mouth shield is designed to fit your toddler's face shape. With six large ventilation holes, the mouth plate is also very kind to the skin.



Before first use:

- Before first use place pacifier in boiling water for 5 minutes. Allow it to cool down and squeeze out any trapped water from the mouthpiece. This serves to ensure hygiene.

Before each use:

- Clean before each use thoroughly with running, warm water. For babies up to 3 months sterilise the pacifier regularly by boiling in hot water. Make sure that there is always enough water in the pot in order to avoid material damage.

- Do not clean in dishwasher or sterilise in microwave oven - detergents or uneven heating will cause material damage.

- Do not leave the pacifier exposed to direct sunlight or near a source of heat. Also, do not leave pacifier in disinfectant for longer than recommend.

- Never tip mouthpiece in sweet foods or medication as this might cause tooth decay and/or material damage.

For your child’s safety: Warning

- Cracks, traces of bites, stickiness or changes of shape may cause separation and swallowing of parts of the mouthpiece - suffocation risk!

- Replace after 1 to 2 months of use for hygienic and safety reasons.

- In the event that the pacifier ends up completely in the mouth of your child, DO NOT PANIC, it cannot be swallowed and is designed to cope with such an event. Remove from mouth as gently as possible.

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