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Dentistar Tooth-friendly Pacifier Size 3 (set of 2) with Sterilization Box - Seagull & Fox

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The Dentistar orthodontic pacifier reduces risk of dental misalignment and is the first pacifier in the world that has been awarded with the predicate 'toothfriendly’. The mouth shield fits the baby’s facial features. The distinct dental-step for size 3 significantly reduces the pressure on jaw and teeth. The flattened tip of the baglet leaves enough room for the tongue’s movement. Made in Germany.

  • Dentistar Silicone Pacifier in Size 3 (14+ months), set of 2
  • Includes sterilization box
  • Made in Germany
  • Extra flat shaft reduces the pressure on jaw and teeth
  • Integrated dental-step reduces the risk of dental misalignments
  • More room for the tongue helps to avoid tongue deformation
  • Supports the milk teeth’s natural development
  • Developed in cooperation with dentists and orthodontists
  • BPA-free
  • Does not include pacifier protective cap

Product Details:

The tooth-friendly pacifier that reduces the risk of developing an open bite.

The worldwide first pacifier which was awarded with the predicate ‘tooth-friendly’.

-     More room for the tongue helps to avoid tongue deformation

-     Integrated dental-step reduces the risk of dental misalignment

-     Extra flat shaft reduces the pressure on jaw and teeth 

Sucking is a natural reflex which - when satisfied - provides a feeling of safety and comfort. But even if a pacifier helps to calm and comfort, it can also cause dental problems: That is why we invented the Dentistar, the worldwide first pacifier that supports a healthy development of your baby’s teeth and jaw: This is even scientifically proven. Our Dentistar pacifier gives parents the confidence that they are doing the right thing: satisfying the natural sucking reflex without causing problematic, long-term dental misalignments. Because healthy teeth and a healthy jaw guarantee a beautiful smile.

All materials used are 100 % BPA free and the pacifier’s mouthpiece is made of long-lasting, taste and odourless silicone.

Analyzed in a scientific, long-term study by Professor Zimmer and his team of the University Witten/Herdecke on the effects of using pacifiers on developing an frontal open bite. Recommended for children up to the age of 27 months.

In contrast to conventional pacifiers the Denistar pacifier considers the natural position of the teeth and can reduce the risk of dental misalignments. 

Sterilization Box

  • Reusable packaging with added value
  • Quick and simple microwave sterilization
  • Hygienic storage for on-the-go

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