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Dentistar Tooth-friendly Pacifier Size 3 (14+ months)

We are proud to bring you Dentistar pacifier. The first and only tooth-friendly pacifier worldwide – made in Germany, designed by a dentist.

Babies have an inborn, natural reflex, which satisfied, gives your child a feeling of safety and comfort. In order for you to allow your child the use of a pacifier with confidence, we only recommend Dentistar – the toothfriendly pacifier with “dental-step”.

Because healthy teeth and a healthy jaw are the best preconditions for your child’s beautiful smile later on.

What sets the Dentistar pacifier apart is the wholly new shape of the teat. It has an extra-flat shaft, an integrated dental-step, allows more room for your baby’s tongue and reduces the pressure on jaw and teeth up to 90%. So it offers maximum comfort for your baby.

This has been established by an independent long-term clinical study by the University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany, and the Swiss non-profit organisation “Aktion Zahnfreundlich e.V.” which has awarded the Dentistar pacifier as the worldwide first and only “toothfriendly” pacifier.

The right size for every age

Dentistar is available in four sizes, so that it can provide the perfect support for the development of milk teeth and help prevent malpositioned teeth.

The sizes depend on the developmental stage and the age of your child. We have adapted each size optimally to the age and the growth of teeth.

Size 0: For the first months - especially for newborns (0-2 months)
Size 1: From birth to the onset of the first incisors (0-6 months)
Size 2: From the breakthrough of the first incisors to the onset of the first molars (6-14 months)
Size 3: From the breakthrough of the first molars (14+ months)