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As part of corporate social responsibility, Oceano Kidz has decided to tie up with Hathay Bunano to bring in the hand-knitted and hand crocheted Pebble toys to Singapore.

Who or What is Hathay Bunano?

Hathay Bunano, which means hand-made or hand-knitted in Bangla, is a non-profit fair trade organization in Bangladesh. Its mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged.

Started as a non-profit organization in April 2004, Samantha Morshed taught 12 young women knitting at her house. A production center was set up to house more women to cope with the growth of the business. By January 2009, there were more than 2000 women working in the production centers around the country with facilities and pre-schools where possible. Samantha Morshed was honoured by Queen Elizabeth for her services to the rural poor women of Bangladesh.

Pebble brand was launched in January 2010 and is now distributed to all over the world to continue its mission. These beautiful soft toys are created by hand. Hence when you purchase any of our Pebble product, you are helping the poor women in Bangladesh support their families and keep them together.

What are rattles for?

During infancy, babies will use their hands and mouths to explore new objects. Baby rattles are an important step to stimulate your baby’s mind by the sense of touch and feel. It is usually one of the first toys a child usually has. It encourages early motor skills and development by engaging and teaching your baby. Giving your baby a rattle, is a great way for them to learn precise hand movements and learn to explore the world around them. In the variety of colours, sizes and shapes, baby rattles will definitely fulfil your baby’s need as a sensory treat.

These beautiful toys are ideal for your baby as well as gifts! Check out our store to find the full range of products we offer!