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About Dentistar


Babies quickly become the focal point of their parents and, of course, they only want the best for their child. That‘s what we want, too!

Our focus at Dentistar lies on carefully selecting premium products that help parents make their lives easier and support a healthy and safe development for their little ones.

In addition to general health aspects and a healthy diet, Dentistar specializes in dental health. We use materials of the highest quality in our manufacturing processes. That is why we design and produce most of our products in Germany.

the only pacifier with the Dental Step

The topic of dental health already starts with our unique pacifier. The Dentistar is the world‘s first toothfriendly pacifier with a patented dental step. It was developed in close collaboration with leading orthodontists and is the only pacifier worldwide awarded by the “Aktion Zahnfreundlich“. A 3 year clinical study proved its effectiveness, as 93%(1) of the children who used the Dentistar have not developed tooth misalignment. The continual study proved that the Dentistar pacifier can be recommended on an unlimited basis to small children up to 27 months.


Scientifically confirmed


The use of conventional pacifiers often leads to tooth misalignments such as an open bite. The Dentistar prevents that!

The effectiveness of the Dental-Step was tested and certified after a 27-month long study led by Prof. Dr. Zimmer at the Witten/ Herdecke University. 

50% of the children who used a conventional pacifier during the study have developed an open bite – every second child!  With the Dentistar, less than 7%. 


Tested & Awarded

Moms and dads are very satisfied with the Dentistar!
A product test led by Rossmann has shown that 91%(2) of the testers recommend Dentistar.
Awarded! The Dentistar is the first pacifier awarded with the “Toothfriendly“ quality seal.
Quality “Made in Germany“! The Dentistar is made exclusively in Germany. We place particular value on the quality of our materials and thus to the health of your child!

(1) Long-term study of the University Witten/Herdecke, 2012, 93% n=45, (42 out of 45) of the babies who used the Dentistar did not have an open bite. (2) Rossmann producttest, 2017, n=349   THE DIFFERENCE  THE RIGHT SIZE