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LennyLamb is a family business run by people fascinated by the idea of babywearing. All of their products are manufactured in their factory in Poland, where owners and employees do their best to ensure that both babies and their guardians feel safe and comfortable whilst babywearing. LennyLamb products are unique simply because people involved in creating them are unique.

LennyLamb always strives to offer customers with the highest quality products. Yarn and suppliers are carefully chosen to ensure they only use materials safe for use with children. All fabric, yarn, and dyes are tested to be compliant with worldwide safety standards. All products are subject to strict quality control with attention to details on every stage of the process, so you will receive completely safe, best quality goods.

We offer a full range of LennyLamb products, including LennyUp, Soft Structured Carriers, Ring Slings, Buckle Onbuhimos, Doll Carriers, Leg Warmers, Muslin Squares, Swaddle Wraps, and Accessories.

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Curious about  
the quality 
of our products?

Our products are considered
to be very well made 
and very durable !
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They will serve you 

for many years to come 

(definitely look for opinions

 on babywearing forums).

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All LennyLamb products 

and their components are made 

and manufactured 

in the European Union!

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Confirmed by certificate!

Our dyes are free from 
any heavy metals and toxins 

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Our suppliers 
have been carefully chosen
and all of them hold 
current quality certificates

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We guarantee...
 ...that your little one 
will adore 
our cute Lenny
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100% natural Cotton!

Our carriers are made from cotton 

and dyes that are produced 

in Poland and made in a way 

that is safe for baby. 


LennyLamb is proud to be a true weavers studio. All of their products are single-origin products. Every step of production takes place in one location in the heart of Europe - from fabric design, through weaving on LennyLamb’s looms, hemming woven wraps and sewing baby carriers, bags, clothes and other products to quality control and shipping. Most photos are also taken nearby.

LennyLamb is a team of enthusiasts - babywearers and patterns lovers. There are babywearing parents, babywearing enthusiasts, graphic designers, photographers, engineers and experts in the textile industry among us. Most of the staff perform more than one role!

LennyLamb is not just a manufacturer. True weaver studio is ready to follow and make your babywearing dreams come true!