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Dentistar Tooth-friendly Star Teether (3+ months) - Green

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Product Details:

The Dentistar Teether gently massages the gum and can have a pain-relieving effect. The different surface structures ensure sufficient variability. Thanks to the flexibility and the “points” of the teether, the lower area of the mouth can be massaged well. The teether is especially handy for grasping and holding. For babies of three months onwards.

The Dentistar Teether complies with the European Standard 71. Made in Germany. Made from BPA-free materials.

  • Made of flexible PVC free material
  • Made in Germany
  • Supports during teething and gently massages the gum
  • BPA-free
  • Five different surfaces
  • Cool in refrigerator for more comfort

    For babies without teeth:

    The Dentistar Teether gently massages the gum and soothes pain. Different surface structures ensure variety.

    As soon as the first incisors appear:

    Thanks to its flexibility and its ‘spikes’ the rear area of the mouth can be massaged as well.

    As soon as more teeth appear:

    The teether now satisfies the natural chewing urge


    Instructions for use:

    For your child’s safety and health: Warning!

    Check product before each use. Throw at first signs of damage or weakness. Not suitable for heating in microwave or steam sterilizator. Please keep product and using instructions. In case of complaint: Keep manufacturer address and item number.

    Only cool in the refrigerator, not in the freezer!


    Before the first use wash thoroughly under warm, running water and dry with a cloth. Before each subsequent use wash with warm water. Do not use disinfectants, do not wash in dishwasher and do not boil as these forms of cleaning can damage the product.

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